What is WildBeach?

WildBeach is a new programme on a beach near you!

WildBeach is a children-led programme, run over the course of half a term. It is based on the ethos of forest schools, encouraging children to interact at their own pace, increasing their confidence and team working skills as the weeks progress. We can take up to 2 groups per day, with 15 children in each group. These smaller group sizes allow a greater interaction with our WildBeach staff, and allows the time for the children to develop their confidence on the shore whilst covering a range of topics and allowing them time to connect with the natural environment of the beach and wildlife.

We also offer taster sessions so that teachers and children can experience WildBeach without having to commit to a whole programme.

If your school is within walking distance of a beach, or you have your own transportation, WildBeach is perfect for you.

How to book

Unfortunately WildBeach is fully booked until the end of the project in 2019.

If you are interested in our teacher training programme, Teach on the Beach, or receiving a resources pack for beach lessons, please fill in your details on the sign-up sheet to the right.

We may have space for taster sessions in late 2019, to enquire about this, or for further information contact:

Fiona White, Marine Officer, Kent Wildlife Trust
Tel: 01622 662012
Email: fiona.white@kentwildlife.org.uk

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