WildBeach is a children-led outdoor education initiative which was run by Guardians of the Deep, with each programme stretching over the course of half a term. A programme of regular visits to the beach gives the children the time to develop their confidence in an outdoor environment whilst covering a range of curriculum topics. WildBeach is based on the ethos of forest schools, encouraging children to interact at their own pace and develop team working skills. It gives them the opportunity to connect with the natural environment of the beach and wildlife.

Guardians of the Deep delivered  81 WildBeach sessions to 1,162 children across Kent between 2017 and 2019, and having experienced the benefits to the children, several schools have since begun running their own sessions on the shore.

Teach on the Beach

Teach on the Beach gave the Guardians of the Deep team the opportunity to introduce WildBeach to teachers and community leaders to enable them to deliver their own programmes. Teach on the Beach workshops in 2019 and 2020 included topics on what needs to be considered to take a group to the shore, such as health and safety, tides, equipment, activities and more. We trained 45 participants from various backgrounds including, schools, preschool, museums, volunteers and outdoor education groups.

There was a lot to cover in these sessions so we have produced a booklet that covers everything you need to know. If your school is within walking distance of a beach, or you have your own transportation, WildBeach is perfect for you.

Fun Stuff to Do with the Sea